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Who Is Jon Waraas?

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Jon is an entrepreneur, 20 year web developing veteran, and an adventurer who started his passion for business at the young age of 14 with his first skateboard and snowboard rail company "Custom Rails".

After graduating high school in 2005, he started a network of MySpace® layout websites that generated over a million dollars in revenue by the time he was 20. With the decline of MySpace® in 2007, he then got into the hair-pulling industry of PPC arbitrage for a few years.

In July of 2007, Mr. Waraas launched BuyBlogComments.Com, which was the first business EVER to sell blog comments. The business was an instant success that generated over $25,000+ in revenue within the first 24 hours. After seeing the success of that service, he launched other SEO services and then consolidated them all on one website - DevelopersHut.Com.

Mr. Waraas has been featured on: Problogger.Net, Mashable.Com, JohnChow.Com, ReadWrite.Com, & many more.

Waraas's true passion with business is eCommerce. In 2009, he launched a network of websites that sold stress relief products. The business was an instant success, and is still in operation to this day.

In 2012, Jon started the business WW2Helmets.Com, which is devoted to buying and selling original and replicas of World War II helmets.

In July of 2015, he then bought a hot dog cart and started The Dogfather, selling premium hot dogs and bratwurst every weekend in front of the popular bars in Idaho Falls. It was a very fun seasonal gig.

Unfortunately, Jon put a hold on The Dogfather during Covid to focus on Surge Fulfillment LLC and has not restarted it since 2020. During those 5 years of operation, Jon and his team served well over 100,000+ hot dogs and bratwursts to hungry customers.

In 2019, Jon started Surge Fulfillment, which is a 3rd party fulfillment center. Surge Fulfillment focuses on eCommerce and international clients that are looking to get into the USA marketplace. That same year, Jon launched his own software called SGTSurge.Com, which accurately tracks clients' inventory in real-time.

Since 2019, Surge Fulfillment has shipped tens of thousands of eCommerce orders all over the world, including to US aircraft carriers!

If you'd like to connect with Jon, feel free to reach out through the contact Jon or follow him on one of the social media platforms listed below.

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Ever since building my first website in 2002, I've been hooked on web development. I now manage my own network of eCommerce/content websites full-time. I'm also building a cabin inside a old ghost town. This is my personal blog, where I discuss web development, SEO, eCommerce, cabin building, and other personal musings.

Recent Comments:

Brett : Very cool to get the back story and will be neat to watch the progress. Hoping eventually to so do something the similar on the west coast of Canada somewhere. Amazing that in 2006 I first found your site for it's myspace page information and how to build PHP site header/footers for resale. How times change hah. Anyways, keep up the great posts, looking forward to the updates.

Posted on: April 11, 2024

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