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Category: Gilmore, Idaho

Here are all the blog posts related to Gilmore, Idaho-a ghost town where we're building a cabin.

Gilmore, Idaho is an intriguing ghost town located about 45 minutes from the Montana border. In its heyday, the town thrived on gold and silver mining. Unfortunately, it met its downfall when the local power plant caught fire and the railroad departed during the Great Depression.

A thumbnail image for Our Plans For Camp Bluebird This Month
Our Plans For Camp Bluebird This Month
Here I talk about our plans for Camp Bluebird, which is our property in Gilmore, Idaho....
A thumbnail image for From Curiosity to Ownership: Our Adventure In Gilmore, Idaho
From Curiosity to Ownership: Our Adventure In Gilmore, Idaho
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Here, I discuss the history of Gilmore, why we acquired land there, and our future plans for Gilmore....
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Ever since building my first website in 2002, I've been hooked on web development. I now manage my own network of eCommerce/content websites full-time. I'm also building a cabin inside a old ghost town. This is my personal blog, where I discuss web development, SEO, eCommerce, cabin building, and other personal musings.

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Brett : Very cool to get the back story and will be neat to watch the progress. Hoping eventually to so do something the similar on the west coast of Canada somewhere. Amazing that in 2006 I first found your site for it's myspace page information and how to build PHP site header/footers for resale. How times change hah. Anyways, keep up the great posts, looking forward to the updates.

Posted on: April 11, 2024

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